upcoming releases

Chordlust "function call"

Chordlust - Function Call Remixes represents a group effort by some of Calgary’s most active producers to create tracks that stand out and are set apart through character, nostalgia, and energy in equal parts. 

Since Chordlust’s End of Line release on Substation Recordings, this producer has continued to define his sound as simple, compelling dance music which cuts through to listeners base emotions and strikes hard physically on the dancefloor. With this follow-up release, he marks his return with a strong original offering as well as several remixes by unique and likeminded artists. 


VRIDIANMusic "Musings" ep

Very excited to welcome VridianMusic to the ever-expanding Substation Recordings family. 

Originally from India but residing in Vancouver at the time of this release, the duo of Vir Rattan Chowdhry & Siddhant Jain are the brains behind VridianMusic "Musings EP".


In It To Win It" is as quirky as it is catchy, with strangely effected vocal stabs, a trippy phased-out melody, and a chunky "dunk-a-dunk" bassline. This is the type of track you shuffle to with a cheeky smile on your face.