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"The marriage of genres here brings gospel, house, Afro and classical together with soul and downtempo on tracks that go deep despite the release's relative shortness. Opener "At Midnight" delivers vitality via satisfying bass lines and welcome xylophone bursts throughout, while "Walk With Me," an emotional, gospel-esque cry for help and understanding from God featuring a synth-horn hook and a danceable beat. The evolution of the songs is seamless, particularly between "Walk With Me" and "The Forest." On the latter, Williams rubs two sticks together — futuristic organ and galloping bass — and lights a pleasing sonic fire.' - Exclaim!


RUSTY MEEKS "Do it the hard way"

The last appearance of the Calgary-based house artist was the Airplane Mode EP. The eccentric instrumentation, random samples, and usage of field recording firmly established Rusty Meeks as an artist that can effectively move the dance floor while simultaneously being off the wall. 

Do It The Hard Way’s two new tracks continue to build on this, retaining those same off-kilter flares while exploring new directions. 


From The Top, the new EP from Calgary artist Haakonsen, is a veritable two-track survival kit for the spring club and festival season. 

Both tracks sit in that elusive space of being able to maintain the atmosphere during peak-time, or stoke the flames of the dance floor and set the mood early on.