South African born artist, Enoque Carrancho produces under artist name Enno Karr. He is a musician, composer and DJ, now residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He has a refreshing, unique sound with creative rhythms and a strong focus on emotional melodies or moods. Enno Karr focuses on progressive electronica, with influences from deep house, techno and trance. His melodies often have classical, jazz or rock influences. Currently, writing more in the progressive techno and deep house genre's, as he moves away from trance.
Born into a musical family and gifted with an ear for remembering melodies. As a producer, Enno Karr is able to craft a soundscape around his melodies by complex arrangements and musical twists to almost minimal simplicity, allowing him to transfer the emotion he feels within the music to the listener. With so much repetition and over used samples in today's electronic tracks, Enno's music is a breath of fresh air, and keeps the listener engaged and entertained.
Enno surrounds himself with a small but vital group of individuals, great mentors and networks with producers and local DJ's. People like Cary Chang, Matt Caine (Filter Music records, Moonlight Records) and Chad Hardcastle (Vivid North Records) have been instrumental and influential in his education in the electronic scene as well as producing music.
Apart from producing electronic music, he also does work for television on occasion, composing work for media for charities and colloborates with some amazing talent, both locally and abroad. Other aliases are Bread N Butta, where the focus falls more on Deep House with soulful, jazz nuances. Enno Karr has been signed with Dansant (Substream), and Vivid North with remix work for Home Breakin Records. 
Other releases are expected in the near future, including remix work.