Get the last of our T-Shirts at Topograph

We will be selling the last of our limited edition Michael Benz designed shirts at Topograph for $20. We have a few of each size and style left so get there early to ensure you can scoop one. Women's size smalls will be $10.

These shirts have made appearances all over the country this summer and we appreciate all of the support from everyone who has already purchased one!

Topograph features artists that have released music on Substation this year: Jon Delerious, Sergio Levels, Rusty Meeks, MannMade Rhodes, Audica, Matt Caine & Isis Graham.

When you buy your tickets directly through our site, you also get a MP3 Zip which includes every release from our 2014 catalog including the Matt Caine EP which dropped this past Monday. 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales from this event are being given directly to our artists to support their future music projects. Keep the scene alive & grab an advanced ticket from our online subshop.

See you at the party!

Posted on October 9, 2014 .