We've put together a very eclectic package of music that we will roll out over the next 6 weeks to celebrate our new weekly residency at the HIFI Club in Calgary that starts tonight, June 9! This music will be absolutely free and it's some of our artists best work yet. 

To start things off, Cabal gives us a shimmering midnight roller with escalating, warped synths that are basically made to kick a party off and set the tone for something more serious but so disco. It's a nice ode to the 1977 Horror film set in Germany. To us, this is their best record yet, and an excellent follow up from their recent EP on Substation (which you should also give a listen to). It's also a record that we think will stand the test of time, it brings to mind something you might hear on Hivern Disc, early Innervisions or of course in a Revenge mix. (We love The Revenge around here). Kick back and enjoy this first free download in the series, there are more to come!

Posted on June 9, 2016 .