Subcast Episode 12 By Jon Delerious

Jon Delerious was one of the first DJS many of us saw here in Calgary. Certainly one of the DJS that made house music a memorable moment in time and discernible from other electronic genres they played at raves in the mid nineties. He was also one of the first guys to put out a double vinyl album in our genre (on Nordic Trax) and has truly stood the test of time as a pillar in our community through his weekly at Bamboo Tiki Lounge and his many other endeavors over the years. Some of you might know him as the guy who sells you tech gear at Axe Music, and some of you know him from the big stadium raves in the early 2000's jamming with Dom G on four decks, some of you are weekend drinking buddies with Jon or share activities with his kids. His extremely friendly public persona has made him a most loved figure in our scene getting him the title #ravedad by a few of his most silly friends.

Enjoy this one hour and twelve minutes of the Calgary icon Jon D and have a great Monday!


Posted on May 16, 2016 .