We welcome Lee Houser to the Substation Family!

Lee Houser is Jon Lee & Simon Houser [Seattle]

Lee Houser is Jon Lee & Simon Houser [Seattle]

The Lee Houser promos went out and the verdict is in; We have some great slow burning, butt wiggling summer hits on our hands and with that we are pleased to welcome Lee House to the Substation family. This is our first US signing, but we figured that Seattle is so close by, that counts right? The release drops June 12th in all great online stores. Want the promo? Email substationrecordings [at] gmail.com and we'll send it over to you. 

I met Jon Lee for the first time at the Monkey Loft in Seattle a couple years ago on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I could tell immediately that Jon was a well revered guy in the local scene, a resident DJ of many clubs over the years since the 90s.

The original point of the visit was actually to deliver a Substation Recordings T Shirt to Jon who had always been a huge supporter of the label. Sure enough we hit it off, and we ended up signing this unbelievably groovy two track EP.

The first track "Feeling Used" has a warm, uplifting, disco-like vibe, but still sounds gritty and tough enough to be included in a peak hour DJ set. A light piano riff harmonizes nicely with some subtle synth stabs, leaving just enough space for the basssline to really drive the groove.

"In It To Win It" is as quirky as it is catchy, with strangely effected vocal stabs, a trippy phased-out melody, and a chunky "dunk-a-dunk" bassline. This is the type of track you shuffle to with a cheeky smile on your face.


Posted on May 14, 2017 .