Our Mixing & Mastering Engineer is Teaching A Workshop in Calgary JUNE 2

Join us on Thursday, June 2 for a mixing and mastering workshop at Habitat Living Sound with our #1 guy Slade Templeton!

Mixing/Mastering Engineer and producer at Influx Studios in Bern, Switzerland. 

With over a decade of experience as an Audio Engineer, as well as having performed in over 40 countries as part of the fidget-house duo "Defunct!“, Slade is globally regarded as a music industry expert from both a technical and professional standpoint.
Slade has engineered for many of dance music's globally recognized names (DJ Tennis, HotCakes Records, Life and Death Records, Big Riddim Recordings, System Recordings to name a few) as well as several prominent rock/alternative artists and labels. Slade has worked as Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, and Producer for well over 1000 songs on all mediums (CD, Vinyl, Digital platforms). His music has also entered millions of ears through TV and movies. Being on both sides of the studio glass has its perks; Slade knows the studio process from the creation of the song right up until the final product is hitting the shelves.

By a few twists of fate, Slade has a strong connection to Calgary. Many of you may remember him from his mastering workshop for Studio Social in summer 2015. Slade is the go-to mastering engineer for Calgary-based Substation Recordings and Atomic Zoo Recordings, and has done mixing and mastering work for well over 20 Calgary-based electronic music producers.

We're sure there is a vast amount of knowledge that can be gained from this workshop, whether you're just starting out or a veteran producer - come learn the tools and tricks that separate the rookies from the pros.

Posted on May 20, 2016 .