Grooving like it's 1990! Thump Reviews "YOU"


Look mom, we're in the news again! One of our favourite Vancouver writers, who happens to be an avid supporter of all things underground Hollie McGowan got a hold of "YOU" and did a nice review in THUMP  which also features a full stream of the original mix by Isis Graham

Isis wrote this track after returning from Decibel Festival in Seattle last year feeling elated after seeing Simian Mobile Disco live.  Her experience at that particular set left an arpeggiated residue that would last for months in the studio long after the festival was  over.  She sings the vocals in "YOU" herself and states that she wrote "In case you know, in case you don't know, I love you" as a global message to friends in the nightlife business as the industry can sometimes be apathetic and cold. "It's a reminder to be soft, vulnerable and appreciate those around you" she says.

The YOU EP drops on Monday, September 14th on all online stores and features remixes by Wax Romeo, Chordust & Matt Caine. 

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Posted on September 11, 2015 and filed under News, Releases.