Originally from Cúcuta, Colombia, Alex Pallares has spent the last 11 years quietly collecting bench mark accolades in Calgary’s house music scene.

From the onset, there have been no shortages of testaments to Pallares’ uniqueness as a song selector. It’s a uniqueness that was inspired by his hispanic origins, the artists that have shaped the city, and his own strive for continuous progression.

“I stand behind every single track that I play every night.

“I’m pushing myself, and I’m trying to push the dance floor, and I’m trying to push the party, the moods, and the energy.”

Under various monikers, Pallares held residencies at venues that dominated Calgary’s nightlife in the mid 2000’s, Lucky Lounge, and Mynt Ultralounge were just a few of the stages that Pallares shaped his sound on during these years.During this period, Calgary house music legend DJ Rice frequently invited Pallares’ to participate in Sunday Skool, Calgary’s longest running residency.

In late 2013 Pallares’ solidified the decision to use his last name as his moniker, and with it came a shift in focus and resolve. The new focus was to become characterized by two central ideals.

Pallares represents bridging the gaps between sounds, instead of sticking to a stylistic code based on genre lines.

Pallares represents the constant quest for progression, instead of sticking to sounds that are already established.

This code of values has now become synonymous with the name Pallares. It’s an expectation that’s conjured the instant you see his name, and it’s delivered in his selection of tracks that stretch from the deep and tribal, to the dark and techno-infused.

The creativity, and the unwillingness to remain stagnant, required to become a notable pure DJ are embodied in Pallares. Now, an entirely new era of accolades await.