“I really like telling stories. When I was little my mom made me wear a headlamp and go running through the mountains in the early mornings. I also had to wear a pirate eye patch for a while and crawl laps around the kitchen table with knee pads on to develop my brain, so it’s been a totally wild ride from the get go.

As far as music goes, I wanted to be a musician right away but when I was a kid I wrote songs for other people to sing because I only liked boys voices. When I was twelve I tried to put an ad in the classifieds to get a drummer for my punk band. My dad kiboshed it and told me I was twelve. I was pretty mad for a couple years but I was able to rave most of my tween angst away with likes of Isis Graham and friends. That’s where I accepted my girlie voice and started singing with DJs. I eventually went to music school in Vancouver where I learned electro-acoustic and orchestral scoring, launched my solo project which I sang on and produced, went to Red Bull Music Academy 2008 and opened for La Roux and Dragonette in Vancouver. After that I decided moving across the country to start fresh in Toronto would be no big deal. I ended up living at my parents house in Calgary for a few months (a year).

Nowadays I’m back in Toronto and working in a couple ongoing projects. I also do lots of collaborations as a vocalist with people who’s music I love and who I feel privileged to work with. My main gig is ‘The Number Line’ which I co-produce with the guys from Vitaminsforyou. Our second ep is just about done and we have a handful of videos on youtube. I also have a new project with the guys from AGFA I’m pumped about called ‘Eisbar’. We’re just about to release our first ep.

That’s pretty much it for music. The only other thing I’m into is history which is why I know that in medieval times they used to sew the back half of one animal onto the front half of another and roast them as mythical creatures for feasts. Never forget where you came from.”



Maybe the most charismatic female performer in Canada.
—ION Magazine

She’s got the kind of insane, effortless charisma that separates the Karen Os of the world from the vast legions of also-rans.
—The Georgia Straight

Bound to keep your imagination in check.
—New York Post

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PAMPA022 - The Southern Sun EP - Stimming feat Piper Davis - Pampa Records (2014)
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