As a producer, DJ, promoter, label executive, and teacher, Sergio Levels (Sandro Petrillo) has not only changed the course of Calgarys dance music scene, hes helped build it. By sharing his knowledge with others, hes helped to make Calgary a hotbed of creative activity in electronic music production. Seven years after the creation of TheRinseOut blog, Sergio Levels has established himself as a galvanizing force, spurring creation and culture where none existed before.

Deep, engrossing, ruminating minimal techno from the heart of the Canadian midwest. Calgarys Sergio Levels has turned his first solo release on Substation Recordings into a display of artistic innovation that will immediately craft a pensive, yet energizing atmosphere on the dance floor.

Broken is driven by airy, ghost-like pianos, and a four-to-the-floor beat reminiscent of classic East Coast house. The jagged hi-hats and snares on Clue create a commanding jack, while the sultry organs of Dave and Morley call to mind images of a dimly lit jazz parlour. Sergio Levels has crafted the answer for anyone looking for something unique, versatile, and challenging.

Posted on December 17, 2015 .