The figure at the helm of Habitat Living Sound, one of the key cultural centres in Calgary's underground, Matt Caine has also risen to become one of the city's most prolific house producers. In addition to having releases this year on Nordic Trax, Alola Records, and Third City Records, Caine's newest offering "Bloom" also marks his second release of original material on Substation Recordings. Caine has long held the belief that his live sets are becoming more trance-like, taking people on a journey with tracks that blend seamlessly into each other. In this EP, he delivers four pieces of that journey.

"The Asylum" represents the flight, the period during which one becomes absorbed in the travel. Caine achieves this using ambient IDM undertones marked by cosmic synths and a steady, penetrative snare. "The Rebel" is the ride through the night, a feeling provided by deep basslines and walls of melodic chords. On "Flanja," Caine suddenly moves into a tribal setting. Hints of energized world percussion and punchy church organs accompany a deep bassline that can be felt through the surrounding environment. "Bloom" is the rallying point. While it contains many of the cosmic, IDM-driven undertones of The Asylum, the staccato low notes delivers a fresh rush of energy to the floor, getting everyone to move in unison.

Bloom EP, out on Calgary's Substation Recordings, is another testament to Caine's relentless drive as a producer. The journey-centred style showcases the emerging direction of the city's dance floor visionaries.

Posted on December 17, 2015 .